Coronavirus – we’re here to help

Managing your money

Find what you need to help you manage your money, accounts and products with us during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We’ll update this page regularly.

Trying to get through to us?

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看Because of the coronavirus situation, we have fewer colleagues than usual answering the phones. This means it could take longer than usual to get through – we’re truly sorry about this.


To help us support those who need us most, please check this page first, and only call if you have a financial problem that can’t wait. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


The Barclays app1 is often the quickest way to manage your money or speak to us.


看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看Just log in and tap ‘Live Chat’ under ‘Contact Us’. It’s secure and, because you’ve already logged in, there’s no need for security questions or passcodes. We can help you straight away.


You can also check how all  at any time.

Help with our products

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看Find out how we can help with any of the services we offer if you’ve been affected by the coronavirus situation.

  • 看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看There are a number of ways we could help if your circumstances have changed, including a payment holiday or an extension if your mortgage offer from us is due to expire soon. Before deciding whether to apply for a payment holiday, please bear in mind that we’ll continue to charge interest as normal and add this interest to the amount you owe when the payment holiday ends. This means the balance we charge interest on will increase. You can find out more on our mortgage help page.



  • 看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看We’re helping in a number of ways, such as offering payment holidays and making some temporary changes to our fees. If you’re thinking about applying for a payment holiday, bear in mind that we’ll continue to charge interest as normal while it lasts. This means your balance will grow, so it could take longer to pay it off, and your monthly payments will be higher after the holiday ends. You can find out more on our Barclaycard help page.



  • If you’re concerned about making payments on your loan, you could be eligible to apply for a payment holiday of up to three months. Just bear in mind that we’ll continue to charge interest as normal if you take a payment holiday. This means your balance will grow so it may take longer to pay it off, and your monthly payments will be higher after the holiday ends, so think about this before deciding whether a payment holiday is right for you. You can find out more on our Barclayloan help page.



  • We’ve made some temporary changes to a range of savings accounts to help if you need to access your money, including new withdrawal limits. You’ll need to consider whether any of these options is right for you.



  • See how we’re helping if you have an arranged overdraft, and how to find out if you could be eligible to apply for one. You’ll need to consider whether this is right for your circumstances.



  • 看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看See how we can help with questions about home and life insurance, and find out what to do if your travel plans have had to change.

  • If you’d prefer not to use cash right now, contactless debit and credit cards can help. We’ve increased the limit from £30 to £45 – just check that the retailer is ready to accept the new £45 limit before you pay. You can also make cash-free payments with a phone or tablet using Apple Pay or Contactless Mobile for Android.


    You can also manage your debit card online or with the Barclays app2. It’s a quick way to get a PIN reminder, temporarily freeze a mislaid card or report it lost or stolen.



Banking from home

Try our step-by-step guides to help you get started with Online Banking and the Barclays app1, and make the most of the features they offer.

Helpful tips and guides

Manage your money from wherever you are. We’ll show you how to register for the Barclays app or Online Banking, and explain how to make payments, check your balance and much more.

The Barclays app 

Online Banking 

Money worries, your mental health and budgeting

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看See how we can help if you’re concerned about paying your bills, or worried about your mental health. You’ll find our handy money management guides here too.

Worried about money and your mental health?

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看Find practical advice to help you tackle money troubles and debt, improve your financial habits, and see how we can offer you support.

Money management tips

Take control of your money and improve your financial health with our easy-to-follow guides on budgeting, saving and planning for your future.

Helping our communities

We’re doing everything we can to help make life a bit easier during the coronavirus situation.

NHS staff

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看We really appreciate everything you’re doing to help right now. If you’re an NHS or care worker, let us know in one of our branches or by entering your account details as normal when you call, and we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t have to wait.

Digital Eagles

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看Try some simple ways to build your confidence so you can take advantage of the benefits that the internet and apps have to offer, like banking from home and social media – safely and securely. Our Digital Eagles are ready to help.

Help stop domestic abuse

We’re committed to supporting the Government’s #YouAreNotAlone campaign, raising awareness about domestic abuse. Often linked to financial abuse, we want you to know we’re here to help. There are signs you can look out for – find out more on the Government site. 

Supporting local businesses

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看Find trading businesses in your community during lockdown.

We’ve teamed up with Nextdoor, the neighbourhood hub site, to help you find local companies that are open for business.

Help for business customers

Visit our coronavirus business page to see how we can help you and your business through this unprecedented change. 

Supporting your business

We’ve already introduced a range of measures to help businesses at this difficult time. Find out what we’re doing to help you manage cashflow, access funding, and get government support.

More coronavirus information

The ,  and  are the best sources for the latest medical information about the outbreak.