Welcome to Launchpad

Help create the future of the Barclays app

Launchpad lets you test new features we’re developing for our app – and by telling us what you think, you can help make them even better.

What's Launchpad?

We’re always working to make our app even better, but we can’t do it alone. The new features we’re building need testing before they’re ready for all of our customers to use – and that’s where you come in.

Sign up to Launchpad and you can try out new features long before they appear in the app. Whether you think we’ve nailed it, have improvements to make or need to go back to the drawing board, we want your feedback.

Launchpad - the basics

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看Launchpad looks and feels just like our app, and you can use it for your day-to-day banking, too. The difference is that you can also sign up for new features you’d like to help us test – new ones are added all the time.

All you need is to

  • Already use the Barclays app
  • Install it and Launchpad on the same Android or iOS device

See the full requirements看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看 for Launchpad.

What new features can I test?

The Barclays app features that are ready for testing in Launchpad are always changing, but here’s a peek at what’s there now and what’s coming soon.

Digital receipts

Go paperless when you pay by debit card at participating retailers, with digital receipts in your list of transactions within the Launchpad app. Soon you’ll be able to make returns from the app and when an item is recalled by merchants you’ll receive notifications.

Loyalty cards

You’ll be able to earn loyalty points at participating retailers when you pay by debit card. They’ll be added automatically to your loyalty account and you’ll be able to check your points balance within the Launchpad app.

Swipe to pay

You can make payments quicker when you swipe to pay. Just swipe left on any eligible account and you’ll land on the ‘Pay an account’ screen. Your ‘pay from’ account will already be showing the details of the account you swiped.

Coming soon - Barclays Assistant

Need help or advice about Barclays services? Now you can get it from our chatbot, so there’s no need to make a phone call.

How to lift off with Launchpad

看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看You’ll see full instructions for using Launchpad when you open the app, but here’s a quick run-through. Just make sure you have our app installed and set-up before you start.

  1. Download and install Barclays Launchpad from your smartphone’s app store.
  2. Open Launchpad and enter the same passcode you use for your Barclays app.
  3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.



Don’t use the Barclays app yet?

What else do I need to know?

  • To use Launchpad, you need to have a Barclays UK current account and use the Barclays app.  Read more about and download our app, if you don’t already use it.

    You also need to have both the Barclays and Launchpad apps installed on the same device.

    When it comes to your mobile device, for Android, you need Android 4.0 or later and be able to install apps from the Google Play store. For Apple devices, you need iOS 9.3 or later.

  • Launchpad offers the same everyday online banking features as our app, so you can use it to check your balance and transactions, and to make payments.

    The other important difference is that Launchpad also offers you the chance to test new features we’re thinking of adding to your Barclays app and tell us what you think.

    You won’t find these features in our app yet, and your feedback helps us decide whether or not they’re added. So by using Launchpad, you’re helping us shape the future of the Barclays app.

  • 看黄神器免app免vip_免费的黄神器手机安卓_黄 色带 app免费试看Some features we’re testing will ask for feedback as part of the testing process – either as soon as you’ve used the feature, or only after you’ve been using it for a while.

    You can also give feedback and share your thoughts with other Launchpad users at any time in our , or just drop us a line by email. You’ll find more information about ways to give feedback in the Launchpad app.