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Budget calculator

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It’s important to be sure repayments will fit in with your other monthly commitments.


We’ve prepared this budget planner to help you see what you can afford.

To help calculate how much you can afford to pay back each month, please answer the questions below. We’ll then show your results.

Monthly Repayments Amount Outstanding
Store Card(s)
Credit Card(s)
Hire purchase (eg sofa)
Current personal loans
Car finance

Weekly Monthly Yearly
Rent / Mortgage repayments
Bills & Finance
eg phone, utilities, insurance
Travel & Transport
eg RAC, commuting, petrol
Home & Family
eg garden, pets, childcare
eg going out, food, shopping
eg donations, beauty treatments

Other income

Total outstanding debt £0.00
Total monthly debt repayments £0.00
Other monthly outgoings £0.00
Total monthly income £0.00

You can use this budget planner to help calculate your approximate monthly disposable income. However, the figures you insert won't be retained by Barclays or used to assess any applications for credit products you make.